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Table 4 Correlation between SOD Activity Levels and haematological indices

From: Relationship between oxidative stress and haematological indices in patients with diabetes in the Ghanaian population

Pearson’s Correlations R p value
FBG and SOD Levels −0.044 0.727
WBC and SOD Levels 0.047 0.714
RBC and SOD Levels 0.113 0.375
HGB and SOD Levels 0.028 0.824
HCT and SOD Levels 0.002 0.99
MCV and SOD Levels −0.092 0.469
MCH and SOD Levels −0.078 0.542
MCHC and SOD Levels 0.004 0.975
PLT and SOD Levels 0.235 0.061
NEU(%) and SOD Levels 0.249* 0.049*
LYM(%) and SOD Levels −0.208 0.099
  1. *Correlation is significant at p value < 0.05 (2-tailed)
  2. WBC-White blood cells; RBC-Red blood cells; HGB-Haemoglobin; HCT-Haematocrit; NEU-Neutrophils; LYM-Lymphocytes; FBG- Fasting blood glucose; SOD- Superoxide dismutase; PLT-platelet count; NEU-neutrophil count; LYM- lymphocyte count; MCV- Mean corpuscular volume; MCH- Mean corpuscular haemoglobin; MCHC- Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration