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Table 5 Recognition of stage 0: Sella & Barrette Staging of Charcot

From: Charcot stage 0: A review and consideratons for making the correct diagnosis early

Stage Diagnosis
0 Localized heat and midfoot swelling
1 Localized osteoporosis, subchondral cysts, erosions, and diastasis
2 Joint subluxations
3 Joint dislocations
4 Sclerosis and ultimate fusion of involved joint
Stage No. of Feet Radiographs Scans – Tc99 Scan- In/Ga Clinical Findings
0 10 Negative + - Increased heat
1 6 Cysts, erosions, diastasis + - Increased heat and swelling
2 16 Joint subluxation + -/less + Mild pronation
3 12 Joint dislocation + -/less + Bony prominences, pronation, rocker bottom
4 7 Joint Fusions and Sclerosis - - Rocker bottom, bony prominences, pronation
  1. Staging for Charcot Foot from Sella and Barrette
  2. Adapted from Sella and Barette [7]. A simple classification of patient with different stages of CN with associated symptomatology and clinical, radiographic, and nuclear scan findings. This study involved a group of 51 feet with diagnosed CN