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Table 1 ICD groups and corresponding codes

From: Clinical effects, cardiovascular and renal outcomes associated with rapid-acting insulin analogs among individuals with type 2 diabetes: a nation-wide observational cohort study

Group number and name ICD diagnosis or treatment codes
0. Ischemic heart disease I20–25
1. PCI FNG0, FNG00, FNG02, FNG05, FNG06, FNG10, FNG30, FNG96
2. CABG FNA0, FNA00, FNA10, FNA20, FNA96, FNB00, FNB20, FNB96, FNC10, FNC20, FNC30, FNC40, FNC50, FNC60, FNC96, FND10, FND20, FND96, FNE00, FNE10, FNE20, FNE96, FNF00, FNF10, FNF20, FNF30, FNF96
3. Stroke I61, I63, I64, I67.9
4. Peripheral vascular disease I70.2, I73.1, I73.9, I79.2, E10.5, E11.5, E14.5. NHQ09, NHQ11, NGQ09, NGQ11, NGQ99, NFQ09, NFQ19, NFQ99, NEQ19, NEQ99
5. Atrial fibrillation I46–48
6. Congestive heart failure I50
7. Kidney failure N18, N19
8. Hypoglycaemia E100, E106A, E110, E110C, E110X, E116A, E120, E130, E140, E159, E160, E161W, E162, R402
9. Hyperglycaemia E100A, E100B, E100D, E100X, E101, E101A, E101B, E101D, E101X, E110, E110A, E110B, E110D, E110X, E111, E111A, E111B, E111D, E111X, R739
  1. A. CHD = groups 0–2
  2. B. CVD = groups 0–4