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Table 1 Characteristics of commonly used commercial assays for GH (according to manufacturers instructions/kit inserts available to the authors or according to published data). Calibration has changed for several assays in recent years, and the process is ongoing. To the best of the authors knowledge the assays listed here have uniformly adopted the latest recombinant standard for all countries. The list of assays is not complete. Additional hGH assays exist, including an unknown number of in-house assays. (modified from [3]

From: Growth hormone: isoforms, clinical aspects and assays interference

Manufacturer Name Assay principle Calibration Isoform-specificity Measuring range Recommended sample material Comment
Siemens Immulite 2000 Two-site Chemilumminescent immunometric assay 98/574 Not provided 0.05 to 40 ng/mL Analytical sensitivity: 0.01 ng/mL Serum ng/mL × 3.0 ➔mIU/L
Diasorin Liaison hGH Chemiluminescent sandwich immunoassay 98/574 Not provided 0.009–80 ng/mL Serum  
Beckmann-Coulter Access Ultrasensitive hGH Automated immunometric assay, Chemiluminescence 98/574 See comment 0.002–35 ng/mL (μ/L) Serum or plasma (heparin) Cross reaction analysed with GH 8 ng/mL for 20 K-GH: − 2542%
IDS iSYS hGH Chemilumminescent assay 98/574 22kD GH: 100% 0.05–100 ng/mL Serum or plasma (heparin or EDTA) Do not cross react with substances in these concentrations: 20 K-GH (10 ng/mL); placental GH (200 ng/mL); HPL (10,000 ng/mL); prolactin (40.000 ng/mL); pegvisomant (50,000 ng/mL); biotin 300 nmol/L); GHBP: 140 ng/mL. ng/mL × 3.0=μIU/mL
DIASource hGH IRMA Immunometric assay enzyme amplified sensitivity 98/574 Not provided 1–120 ng/mL
Sensitivity: ng/mL
Serum, plasma Conversion factor: 1μIU = 0.33 ng
hGH EASIA Enzyme-Immunoassay 98/574 Not provided 0.45–98 ng/mL
Sensitivity:0.17 ng/mL
Serum, plasma Conversion factor: 1μIU = 0.33 ng
CisBio hGH-RIACT Immunoradiometric 98/574 Not provided 0.03–75 ng/mL Serum 1 ng = 3μIU; do not cross react with prolactin and hPL. Cross reaction with 20kD GH is less than 5% for the concentration up to 3750 ng/mL (22kD GH proportional concentration above 24,000 ng/mL)