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Fig. 1

From: Diagnosis of acquired generalized lipodystrophy in a single patient with T-cell lymphoma and no exposure to Metreleptin

Fig. 1

Development of Physical Features of Lipodystrophy. Panel (a) shows the patient before the diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma and does not show convincing evidence for generalized lipodystrophy. Physical transformations are shown in panel (b) during the diagnosis of the T-cell lymphoma, suggesting that she may have already developed features of lipodystrophy at least around her face and neck. Panel (c) shows her appearance during chemotherapy and panel (d) is after the chemotherapy. Currently (4 years after the completion of therapy) patient’s appearance is like the picture as shown in (b) suggesting that the chemotherapy and steroid use temporarily masked the diagnosis of lipodystrophy and were able to modify the physical appearance

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