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Fig. 2

From: Diagnosis of acquired generalized lipodystrophy in a single patient with T-cell lymphoma and no exposure to Metreleptin

Fig. 2

Clinical Examination of Fat Distribution. Panel (a) show the “Fat Shadow” obtained from Dual X-ray Energy absorbtiometry (DXA) scan as described previously in Reference [10]. The fat shadow shows minimally retained fat around the neck and axilla, but loss of fat in a generalized fashion though not totally absent from the body. Close-up pictures taken in clinic setting demonstrate fat loss in the face and trunk (b), back (c), buttock and back of the legs (d), and forearms and legs (e). The absence of fat from the face together with the entire abdomen, trunk and extremities favor the diagnosis of generalized lipodystrophy as opposed to partial lipodystrophy. Neck fat is preserved, but not excessive. Mons pubis fat was not increased

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