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Table 2 QI Intervention plans for each team

From: A quality improvement project to increase compliance with diabetes measures in an academic outpatient setting

Team Color QI Intervention
Purple 1. Protected half-day during clinic month to call and schedule patients with overdue preventative diabetes care. 2. During the visit, obtain all overdue lab work, perform foot exam, and refer for eye exam if due. 3. Provide patients with information on due dates such as next visit, next eye examination, etc.
Red 1. Perform any necessary labs right after the clinic visit. 2. Team will better organize their clinic visits to ensure they know what needs to be addressed at each particular visit.
Green 1. Allow lipid panels to be performed non-fasting if patients are overdue. 2. Provide patient education on logging blood sugars appropriately.
Yellow 1. Call their patients about scheduled appointments 48 h beforehand rather than a week ahead. 2. Remind them to try obtaining their pre-visit labs a day prior to visit. 3. Attempt to input blood sugar logs into EMR to better track the values. 4. Refer more patients to high-risk diabetes clinic.
Blue 1. Patient education on diabetes complications and various weight-loss tracking applications on phones. 2. Remind patients to try obtaining their pre-visit labs a day prior to visit. 3. Make a checklist for residents so they are aware of what needs to be performed during a diabetes visit.