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Table 1 Adapted from IDSA Diabetic foot infection classification system [5]

From: Making the equivocal unequivocal: standardization of clean margins in diabetic foot osteomyelitis

Manifestation of infectionIDSA infection severity
No symptoms or signs of infection
Recall, infection is when 2 or more of the following are present: erythema, edema, pain, warmth, purulence
Local infection within the skin or subcutaneous tissue, and where erythema is restricted to > 0.5 cm to ≤2 cm surrounding the ulcer, No systemic signs of infectionMild
Local infection as above, with erythema > 2 cm, or deeper tissues affected, No systemic signs of infectionModerate
Local infection as above with systemic signs of infection
Recall, systemic signs include 2 or more of the following:Severe
Temperature > 38 °C or < 36 °C
Heart Rate > 90 beats/minute
Respiratory Rate > 20 breaths/min or PaCO2 < 32 mmHg
White Blood Cells > 12,000 or < 4000 cells/μL or 10% immature bands