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Fig. 1

From: Natural history of ROHHAD syndrome: development of severe insulin resistance and fatty liver disease over time

Fig. 1

a Photograph of the patient at age 4 (left) compared to 26 (right). b Coronal view of brain MRI with no abnormality detected c Growth charts constructed with standard data obtained from CDC [20]. Stature (top), and weight (middle) display a drop in linear growth and significant weight gain at 4 years of age; increased linear growth upon initiation of growth hormone at age 7 with a plateau following discontinuation at age 14. BMI (bottom) has been in the obese range since age 4. d 10-day glucose tracing by insulin pump shows improvement in blood glucose after 8–12 h of starting GLP-1 agonist, liraglutide, on May 16

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